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Beautiful Carved Jade Pummeller & Roller 

Delightful energies for massage therapists or personal use.

Lovely Jade Pummeller in LARGE  size, great for relaxing the feet and bringing an uplifting chi to the skin or for massaging the body. In YELLOW jade (20cm long approx').

This wonderful piece also comes with a Jade roller at one end to soothe, relax and nurture the skin - wonderful in massage.

In ancient times, Jade was reserved purely for the emperors use and renowned for its tranquil, serene energies. Indulge yourself and be soothed with these beautiful healing energies.

Beautiful quality Jade - a special item for yourself or the perfect gift for someone who has everything!

Many people have reported their skin feeling smoother, more comfortable and an increased "glow".

JADE: Brief Esoteric Healing Properties: Calming, tranquility, serenity, brings spiritual wisdom, insight. The only stone that does not hold other peoples negative energies. A perfect choice for meditation & spiritual unfoldment.  The stone of  peace and tranquillity, lifting consciousness and dispelling negativity. Beneficial for female problems and for children. Promotes clarity, modesty, courage and wisdom. Soothes and calms the unborn child, assisting in pregnancy and lactation. (Does not need cleaning from others vibrations).

With compliments from Renascent ( © Lesley Mitchell

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