Teas - Ahh..

Teas - Ahh..

Aahh.......... there's nothing like the perfect cup of tea to soothe & calm, body, mind & soul. We use the highest quality items available, pure essential oils, organic ingredients wherever possible. Flavoured teas, black teas, Herbal & Fruit Teas, Chai, Spiced teas & the best Hot Chocolate ever. Something for everyone

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Ahhhh .................... A cup of tea!

I love to sip a cup of tea in the morning (well... anytime really, but especially in the morning) It seems to refresh and revive me but with out the "adrenalin-hit" from coffee.

Now I know why.  Tea contains a little caffeine, but much less than coffee - only around one-third, depending on how strongly you brew it. But unlike coffee, tea also boosts a unique natural compound known as L-theanine. It's an amino acid that appears to give tea drinkers an advantage to juggling everything going on in their lives.

Research conducted in the UK suggests that L-theanine is responsible for promoting a feeling of relaxation while maintaining an alert state of mind.  This reinforces earlier research findings by Japanese scientists (and the Japanese are big tea drinkers, especially green tea).

It's still early but it appears that just 50mg of L-theanine - found in two to three cups of tea - stimulates specific brain activity, known as alpha waves. These may help to promote a relaxed yet clear and focused mind.

These days, when we are stressed, overloaded and bombarded by too many decisions at every turn, it's nice to know there's something quick and easy to get us through the day. L-theanine proves what tea drinkers have instinctively known - that tea can revive, relax and refresh all at the same time.

Tip:  Don't forget to fill your kettle with Polarised filtered water. Your tea will taste so much better.

BREWING TIME: Black Tea - 2-4minutes / Green Tea 1-3 minutes (remove leaves & you can enjoy your pot as long as you like.......... Enjoy!