Qigong DVD's

Qigong DVD's

Have you wanted to learn and practice Qi Gong, but been unable to get to classes due to distance or time constraints ? Now you can learn in your own home and practice in your own time frame under the guidance of a Qi Gong Master.
For beginners - be guided to understand the basic theory of Qi Gong energies, how they can be utilised and the exercises & movements involved with each system. For those already in classes / under instruction, these DVD’s will assist in practice and deepening your knowledge & skills.

Some of the upcoming DVD’s will include:- Qi Gong Basics, Tai Chi Qigong, Fragrant Gong, Dong Yi Gong, Tian Ming Gong.

These series of DVD titles will greatly assist the improvement of the Qi ( vital energy) of the students by immersing in the study of this ancient healing and cultivation system from China. Students will be able to understand how to perform the techniques correctly as well as the receiving of Qi from the instructor while performing the routines.

Great gifts to enhance your own wellbeing & ch’i cultivation or for friends or relatives to begin or develop their personal journey: These DVD’s are beautifully packaged in durable hard plastic cases with full color sleeves and full color DVD’s.


Qi Gong Master & head instructor at the Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences. Mr Daryll Mitchell; has studied many styles of Qi Gong including Martial, Medical and Meditation forms although concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (Former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong). Daryll has trained diligently & extensively to attain the high level and proficiency in Qi Gong which includes the ability to 'see inside' or tell the condition of various organs, glands, bones etc. at a glance. His Mastership includes the ability to influence Feng Shui at the fundamental level with Qi. Something that is not accomplished by moving objects or placing a few remedies around. The Renascent Centre in Warrandyte, Victoria is alive with the Qi from personal cultivation, classes and clinic and has the deep fundamental Qi of correct Feng Shui. It is a place for all to come and experience while enjoying a chat or cup of Qi Gong infused tea. Daryll, his wife Lesley, their son Gabriel and daughter Emma welcome all who come for healing, tuition or to purchase some products.

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