Beautiful Genuine Jade - soothing healing Qualities 

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The following is an extract from Esoteric Gemmology by Lesley Mitchell

JADE   (Pronounced Jay - d)

GEOLOGICAL :- Jade is generally a soothing green gem with mottled flecks of darker green in it, yet it ranges in color from white through yellow, green, violet, brown to black, with a white color streak and a hardness of 6 - 7.5 and is found in many countries.

MYTHOLOGY :- Jade, it is said is not from earth, rather a mutation from a planet outside of the Solar System. It is believed to provide protection from enemies when worn as a piece of jewellery, and can never harm anyone wearing it, as it does not absorb negativities of any nature. It is said to prolong life and protect from inner restlessness and accidents. Widely used in China and Ancient Egypt as a talisman for good fortune and is also said to attract friendship and loyalty.

The Chinese believe that when struck, Jade emits a particularly melodious sound, which, for the Chinese poet, resembles the voice of a loved one. As such Jade  is known as the concentrated essence of love.

Jade amulets are worn by Chinese children to protect them from childhood diseases.

So great are the uses and customs of Jade to the Chinese, that they regard it as the musical gem par excellence. Making varying lengths of Jade into beautiful chimes, which resonate at different tones and notes. It is said that when Confucius was troubled at his ill attempts to reform the Chinese morals of the day, he sought consolation in playing on the ‘musical stone' In present times we find Jade a good stone for musicians, promoting their musical ability and harmony.

HEALING :-Jade is the stone of peace and tranquillity. It works gently to raise consciousness, whilst dispelling negativity, due to the constant release of cleaning and soothing vibrations. Jade generates Divine, unconditional love.

Jade essence helps to strengthen the muscles, hardens the bones, calms the mind and purifies the blood. It has also been found to help with soothing eye disorders, general nervous system, fertility and female problems. During pregnancy, Jade may be used to soothe and calm the unborn child, gently cleansing and dissipating any fears or uncertainties, and should be worn by pregnant and lactating women to assist with calcium, iron and magnesium intakes, all of which pregnancy drains from the body, as well as those with high blood pressure.

Believed to promote a long and prosperous life. Jade is good for flexibility and tolerance and has become known as a stone of friendship.

Jade is a wonderful choice to bring peace and personal fulfilment that can only be achieved through true spiritual union, it allows the user to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life. Jade assists to understand inspirational or intuitional messages that are coming your way and allows you to blend them into your everyday life in order to gain greater understanding and meaning in life.

A powerful gem for inner peace, calmness and achievement.

CHAKRAS :- Healing affinity will correspond to the particular color of the stone, yet Jade works well with all energy centres.