Soap Making Supplies

Soap Making Supplies

All soap making supplies have now been rebranded under Renascent Bath & Body.
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Natural Opaque & Transparent Melt & Mold Soap base, Natural Pigment Shimmers, High Quality Tray & Silicone Molds, Natural Pigment Dyes, Pure Fragrant oils, Silk Petals, Isopropyl Alcohol & more......... (Wholesale available)
Click below links for compressed Samples of Soap Making DVD's, the actual Soap Making DVD's are produced in High Definition video for the best quality
These pages are FUN, FUN, FUN..............
& Sooooo easy. Simply choose your soap base (clear or opaque, not all soap bases are the same quality, read why ours are lovely), choose your fragrance(s) & colour(s), then your mold(s) and you are ready to go.
Melt the soap soap base, add the colours & fragrances, pour it into the mould, set, unmould - perfect......... Even my 4 year old daughter can create soaps as beautiful as the ones pictured below. No special skills are required. Your soap will come out perfectly every time and the comments I get from my students all the time are "I had no idea it was SO MUCH FUN".
Everyone I have taught has had a ball and many have begun lucrative soap making businesses - Terrific! Try so today.
  • Stuck for a great birthday party idea - have a soap making party
  • Looking for items for the school fete - soap items, easy, beautiful, high quality, low cost!
  • Looking for kids ideas to make for fathers day/mothers day / Christmas for kinder / school / Personal - we have a lot of organisations buy the base products for the kids to make lovely personal gifts
  • Want to begin a new business? You can personalise your own lovely soaps & start a market stall / fetes / ebay / mail order business (one of our customers listed her soaps on ebay at $6 each and received an order for 600 soaps in her first month, another is now commissioned to make soaps for a local real estate company as special gifts to their customers in 'welcome packs'
  • Are you looking for a soap that is kind to your skin?
    We have many clients with skin conditions that can use the opaque soap base with no concerns at all - lovely!

We really hope you enjoy your time here. Rather than having a HUGE long page here, we have broken it down into several categories in the box to the right of this page.
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Here's a summary of what you will find under the various categories:

SILICONE Soap Making Molds Can you believe these images here are all actual cakes of soap - beautiful! Create "3D" soap & Beautiful Soap Art
A range of Fantastic 3D soap art molds, create the most beautiful art pieces all from soap, inexpensive & amazing gifts. These images are all cakes of soap. Your creativity is the limit. All molds come with full instructions.

Click on the links in the column here under "SOAP MAKING" "Silicone Molds" for all varieties of silicone soap moulds F

Add purple to the transparent soap with a few red flecks to produce amazing Amethyst crystals, use yellow for citrine or blend them together for Ametrine Beautiful Essential oils make this crystal soaps a delight! All made from the one mold - add pink to make rose quartz, green with pearl shimmers for Aventurine, Blue with gold shimmers for Lapis Lazuli or any other color for different gems Fascinating gold Pyrite - dust with gold mica inside mold then pour soap to give a golden appearance Beautiful clear quartz, add pink to make rose quartz or any other color for different gems
Hand carved dragon with pearl, use any colors you like. Pour a little of the first color in the walled edge of the mold and then add the second color for the background appearance. Hand carved Quan Yin Buddha - the goddess of compassion, use any colors you like. Pour a little of the first color in the walled edge of the mold and then add the second color for the background appearance.Hand carved Mela / Maitreya - the laughing Buddha of abundance, use any colors you like. Pour a little of the first color in the walled edge of the mold and then add the second color for the background appearance. Our lovely 'gentle warrior' - this picture doesn't show the true detail within this very special mold. Soap can be made thicker than shown here. Dust gold mica in the mold for a special effect Lovely sleepy cat, you can paint on whiskers and more details if desired with a little soap dye and a paint brush, add ginger stripes or a brown 'tabby' cat - very cute!

The booklet cover for the Melt & Mold Soap Making Join us on a journey of a lifetime in ChinaPure Opaque or Transparent Glycerine Soap Base - 1kg blocks
Natural ‘Renascent' Melt & Pour soap, Make it yourself or purchase as bars - What makes these soaps so special.......
Have you searched for a soap that feels kind to your skin ? Did you know that many soaps feel harsh & may strip the oils from the surface of the skin which takes up to 7 days to replace, during this time your skin is unprotected from the elements making it prone to premature aging & drying. These soaps are beautiful on the skin, contain no animal products & leave the skin feeling smooth & supple. They may not last as long as commercial soaps, however they seem to be far kinder to the skin & body & will not stress the meridian (energy) system.

Join us on a journey of a lifetime in ChinaDurable PVC TRAY MOLDS
Perfect for when you need to make several soaps at once.
Easy to use, durable, these tray molds provide a beautiful 'glassy' finish to your soaps
Oval Soap bars - approximately 100-150gm bars Round Soap bars - approximately 100-150gm bars Celtic Spirals on an oval soap bar

The most exquisitely delicious fragrances for soap & candle makingJoin us on a journey of a lifetime in ChinaSoap Making Fragrant oil kits
Strawberry - Butterscotch - Passionfruit - Apricot/Peach - Apple Fresh - Coffee Creme - Pina Colada - Vanilla Creme - Pear - Mango - Honey - Lemongrass
These oils are so delicious it is an incredible experience bathing with them. Children especially love these fragrances. Not all fragrant oils are the same, we use only "nature identical" oils which are of the highest quality - GORGEOUS & DELICIOUS !!
Also Available in kits (to save $'ss)

Copper or Rainbow shimmers - add a little for boutique quality soapsgorgeous gold & pearl shimmer powderNatural Pigment Mica Shimmer Powder:
In: Gold, Rainbow, Copper or Pearl
Add a small pinch of this lovely cosmetic grade mica to your soaps to create a beautiful "shimmer" effect throughout or ‘paint' a little inside your mold for a gorgeous gold effect. We are sure once you have used or made & used these soaps for yourself, you will always want to use them. Make your soaps truly indulgent!

Complete set of 6 terrific soap dyesHigh quality Natural Pigment soap dyes
In: Red / Yellow / Blue / Green / Pink / Violet / Neon Blue / Neon Violet / Neon Pink / Neon Orange / Black / White (use only a few drops) - By blending these colors you can make most shades desired.
Also Available in kits (to save $'ss)

Create your own Soap - All you need to get started 
A great saving. Anyone would love this gift - fun, delightful & useful items. Booklet contains tips & ideas for further soap making skills. (Create your own special gifts or a new business skill today)

Delight friends & family with the most fascinating guest soaps they have ever seen. Great fun for kids to make.Silk Petals:
Take a single petal, dip it in to your melted soap, place to dry. When completed these make beautiful guest soaps. Simply take a petal, rub between your hands under water and toss petal away when finished. No more scungy mini soaps laying around. Delight your friends & family, Great for hospitality businesses. Very inexpensive.

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL - (Rubbing Alcohol) - 10ml bottle with spray mister. (Cannot be posted due to flammability)
Use to mist over melted soap to remove all bubbles & provide a perfect glossy finish to your soap. Also spray in between layers of soap to prevent slipping - eg - when you allow one layer of color to set and then pour the next color on top when unmolded you may get a ‘slip' or separation of the 2 layers. A mist of rubbing alcohol on the set layer will prevent the ‘slip' & ensure they are perfectly adhered.

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