Jewellery - Spiritual

Jewellery - Spiritual

Exquisite items with genuine gems & listed healing properties, high quality & beautiful gifts

The below pieces of jewellery are our special items, there is often only 1 of each made, as it is sold it will be removed from this page. New items are constantly added. Remember to also look at our jade pages  - by clicking on the link to the right here - If you look to the column at the right of this page, F

All of the exquisite pieces here are hand made and one off designed pieces. They have a particular energy that matches one person exactly. People browsing here will get a strong connection with their piece of jewellery (if it is here). Out of the entire collection you may feel that just one piece is "yours" and especially attractive. This piece most likely has been made (on some level) especially for you. Certain pieces are sold immediately, others sit in here for huge lengths of time, "waiting" for their match to come in and find them. Strange as this may sound, we have found it consistently to be true. As such we are constantly bringing in new pieces.  Every single time I wear "my" special piece someone feels the need to stop me and comment on its beauty. What they are seeing is a matching and harmony of two perfect energies that are blending. Not physically visible yet definitely perceivable.

Is there a special spiritual and/or healing piece waiting to share with you ?

Did you know all gems need to be cleansed from electromagnetic fields as well as human energy fields (except Jade). This includes all jewellery. To do this pick up your piece and shake it vigorously, blow on it with your breath, turn it over & blow again - this will remove the stored EMF's (human vibrations are cleansed differently). Alternatively wear your jewellery with a Ch'i Energy disc to prevent it storing these fields - see the Chi products info' on this web site.