Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper
Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper

Laser White Water Slide Decal Paper

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A4 size sheets of Printable WHITE LASER water slide transfers / decal Papers

For soap, candles, wood, ceramics - make your own - personalise any object, create your own gifts or start a new business!

  • Our paper is NOT from China or Hong Kong. A lot of this inferior quality paper is sold online
  • Ours is perfect quality High Gloss paper. Simple to use and perfect results everytime.

* PLEASE NOTE - this paper is for use in the printer listed in the title. Please check whether you are using an Inkjet or Laser Printer and purchase accordingly. You cannot use inkjet paper in a laser printer or laser paper in an inkjet printer.  If unsure, please check with your printer supplier as to which you require. Bought the wrong one? Just contact us and we will swap it over for you if not posted. Already received? Contact us for details as to how to exchange

Waterslide Transfers

Use on:

  • Glass - glasses, windows and mirrors
  • Metal - Die cast, die cast models, rulers
  • Plastic - models, hobby and craft items
  • Wood - coated wood surfaces
  • Wax - candles and other wax items
  • Pottery - mugs, jars
  • Soap
  • Customize model & hobby items in scale
  • Decorate your crafts and make stickers
  • Apply your digital photos to your crafts & models
  • Recreate decals, make model decals

We have supplied Makers of:
Soap, Candles, Surfboards, Model Planes/Trains/Boats, Guitars, Stovetops, Gramophones, Tiles, Art and many more applications


  • Is it really this easy?
    Yes - with our high quality glossy paper it is
    Print / Soak / Slide / Use
  • Can I print on mugs and can it go through a dishwasher?
    Yes - you can print on mugs, however you cannot put them in a dishwasher and really it is best for decorative purposes rather than daily use - you will need to take care when washing. You may add an additional spray of acrylic after applying the decal to add further strength to the finished item. The decals are really decorative only and not designed to cope with any form of washing. If you wish to do this, we also stock magic coating paper or Film Free Decal Paper, which is heat bound to your printed decal and then applied, you can also bake it in the oven, this process will give much better durability
  • Can I use it for temporary Tattoos
    The decal paper will not work for this, but we do stock printable tattoo paper which will work perfectly

  • How do I put the image inside soap?
    Pour your first layer of Renascent clear melt and pour soap, allow to set, apply your decal and then pour another layer or clear (or white / coloured) soap. Allow to set and unmold - your image will be embedded within the middle of the soap
  • Will it dissolve inside my soaps when used?
    It will stay as a thin film which will wash out eventually, however we do also sell Water Dissolving paper which will simply dissolve in water when used, leaving no trace.

  • Can I use it on candles?
  • Yes, but often candles will emit a wax which will cause your decal paper to crack or peel off, spray the candle with a layer of clear acrylic spray (to provide a coating and prevent oil being emited) and then apply your decal paper over this. (White Knight from Hardware stores is a good choice)
  • How do I make my decal paper even more durable?
    After it has been applied, spray a layer of clear acrylic spray over the top and this provides added durability or use Magic coating paper (as above)
  • What if I get stuck?
    We are always here to assist you - over the phone or at our showroom / centre in Melbourne

Images printed on a Clear backing sheet - these are perfect for any clear or opaque background - works best when the background is white or a light colour

Images printed on a WHITE backing sheet - these are perfect for dark backgrounds or when you need white (as a printer won't print white ink)

Water slide decal instructions

  • Print your images on the paper from an Inkjet or Laser printer (depending on the paper you have purchased) 
  • Spray inkjet paper (not required for the laser paper) thoroughly with clear acrylic spray (available from hardware stores or art supplies - you can use any clear acrylic spray - white knight  is excellent, however you can even use clear spray paint from the $2 shops - for the decals - white knight works really well) this will set the ink and prevent running or bleeding when wet
  • Allow to dry
  • Trim the decal to the border of the design (where possible).
  • Soak in Warm water for 20 to 60 seconds.
  • Remove from the water and drain wet decal.
  • Slide the transfer to one edge of backing paper. While still on the backing paper place the transfer in position. Hold the transfer gently near the edge of the backing paper then slide the backing paper from under the transfer, do this carefully to minimise bubbles.
  • Now slide into position and squeeze it down, working from the centre to the edge, removing the moisture and air bubbles that are trapped underneath the surface.
  • Expel all air/water bubbles by wiping from centre and clean any excess gum/water (Facial make up sponges are great for this, but you can use a soft cloth also)
    If air bubbles occur and cannot be squeegeed out, puncture the bubble with a pin and smooth down.

Decals can be applied to any solid sealed surface, including:
GLASS - applied to transparent or opaque glass surfaces, Candles, Soap, Terracotta pots, Milk churns, Watering cans, Woodwork, Cups, Mugs, Plates, etc

Use them to decorate your own candles or soaps! Create beautiful and unique soaps with an easy application of a water-slide decal transfer. Perfect for gift giving, holidays, special occasions, corporate gifts, personalized home gifts, or just for you! A wonderful souvenir too! Let your creativity run wild.

We can design and print your own images too - ask us or look at our other listings.


A decal consists of several layers of materials. A bottom layer of backing paper with its glue-like substance, an intermediate layer of printed colours and a top layer of lacquer coating (cover coat ). The backing paper is porous so it will absorb water. This softens the glue and releases the printing (which is held intact by the top coating). This allows the design to be transferred from the paper on which it was printed to the surface being decorated.