Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)
Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)
Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)
Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)
Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)
Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)

Lip / Perfume Balm Base VEGAN (Lip Gloss)

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Skin Care Balm Base - For Lip Balms, Perfumes, Lipsticks, Luxury Olive Oil Base.
  • Vegan base is just a little smoother than the standard balm base, glides on and does not feel waxy on the skin.
  • Simple, easy, natural
  • Use with our Mica Shimmers, Edible Colourants & Flavour Oils
  • We deliberately make this product a little bit soft so it can be used as a body balm however you can firm it up quite easily to a firmer lip balm consistency or lipstick consistency (Just add some wax to the order)
  • Very Simple To Use: Simply melt over a gentle heat source, add edible colours if desired (oil based) and flavours (oil based - do not use fragrances, they must be flavours) and pour into a pot/tube.
  • If using the lip balm tubes, you may need to add a little more wax to firm up a little more (we stock this too) 
If you are making lip Balm to sell, we recommend $4.95 per pot/tube (In a 5gm pot/tube)
(1 kg will make approximately 200 Lip Balms).
*Jars are packed by volume rather than weight

Olive Oil Balm Base:  A rich, moisturising base for massage balms and ointments, with organic olive oil, Coconut Butter, cosmetic grade Candelilia wax. and Vitamin E.

Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free; Ethoxylate-free; Propylene Glycol-free, Silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.
Aroma: Slight odour characteristic of the carrier oils.
Fragrancing: This product is not normally fragranced other than as supplied.
Colour: Uncoloured - pale yellow clear to hazy base easily coloured with oil soluble colours.
Colouring: Make a dilute solution of oil soluble food colours in Jojoba oil. Try 1 to 5 drops of dilute colours to 100gm of Balm.

Usage: A rich emollient base that can be used (as is) as a moisturiser (occlusive-type), or as a base for preparing rich emollient creams or lotions.
To use as is, take the desired amount of Healing Balm and add active ingredients, essential oils and/or colour to suit your particular purpose and mix.
Create your own by adding carrier oils for a softer balm or use as it is.
Apply to clean, dry skin and massage until absorbed.

Features: Oil base with the consistency of a high viscosity cream.

Ingredient List:
Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vegetable Oil, 
Organic Coconut Butter, Cosmetic Cadelillia Wax, Vit E (Natural preservative).

Note: Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.