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Renascent Stellar Essences
A wonderful range of essences, harnessing and bringing forth the energies of the constellations. These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being. By bringing them into harmony we are able to work in partnership with the universe and in harmony with life.


Vega Masculine - Alpha Lyra

The star of ‘Divine Love’ cleans away ‘evil’ & opens the doors to Spiritual counsel. A strong remover of negativity’s and blockages to Divine Light. Brings a sense of spiritual ecstasy, connection and harmony. Opens the heart to give and receive love in the highest possible manner. May bring a sense of bliss when used, especially in the heart. As such it is an excellent tool for those working with Tantric energies and also for those working/living in a realm where a high sense of spiritual love is required. (Eg- counsellors, spiritual development, teachers, care givers)

Physical: Burns - Headaches - Diarrhoea -Bleeding - Sexual Diseases
Element: Metal Meridians: Central – Governing Mental: Confusion - Strain - Ideas –Conditioning Soul: Pain - Responsibility - Overwhelm
Spiritual: Buddha - Christ - universal Law - Universal Love - Divine Love - Service -Purpose – Counsel Chakras: Solar-Base