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Renascent Stellar Essences eBook
A wonderful range of essences, harnessing and bringing forth the energies of the constellations. These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being. By bringing them into harmony we are able to work in partnership with the universe and in harmony with life.

This is the complete Stellar Essence manual on ebook (electronic download - not physical book), if you are purchasing the Stellar Essences Correspondence course, you will not need to purchase this item as the full manual comes with it, however, if you are just buying the Stellar Essences kit, then this is the book for you!

To understand the healing properties of the essences and their usage:Essences form the bridging of the 'subtle' realms to the physical realms and as such represent a quantum leap forward in healing.


Stellar Essences represent the 'pure light' and are the emanation from the heart of these Stars and are 'Divine' in nature. They are assistants to the transformation of the ills of humanity and, correctly applied, can remove the karmic residues left behind from previous incarnations.

Have you ever wondered whether there may be an unseen power waiting to be tapped, take a cosmic journey & discover how to experience these energies first hand. 
* Stars & Constellations
*  Healing techniques using vibrational medicine (Essences)
*  Cleansing & balancing the aura & Chakras
*  Harmonising the body
*  Natural health maintenance & Self Improvement

A lovely eBook with many full colour illustrations - 49 pages



As we enter the new millennium humanity more than ever has the opportunity to ‘right’ the wrongs of our forefathers and learn from their insights and advances. The coming together of mankind as a common race is the priority for those whose vision is long-sighted and involved in this is the breaking down of the walls of ignorance and hated that are so entrenched into the minds and hearts of our cultures.


As we endeavour to pioneer changes deep into the soul of culture, the dissolving away of narrow vision is our obstacle and challenge. Medicine has attempted to uncover the mysteries of life and find an antidote for the ills that plague humanity although has fallen short in understanding the nature of the human being, from higher perspective’s.


The human being as a physical phenomenon has obvious limitations in that feelings, intuitions and insights cannot easily fit this model and allopathic medicine has failed in rectifying it’s own narrow approach to ill health. The common thread of humanity is not only biological, and we have to facilitate the awakening and communing of souls and consciousnesses.


The limitations imposed upon societies by the leading thinkers of the day influences the theme and cultural movements although cannot bring humanity closer together by default. The solidifying of the human brain into repetitious patterns undoes the fluid nature of our birth right and so enslaves us further, instead of freeing us completely.


Freedom comes to those who question and do not deny or accept anything, instead observe with enthusiasm all of life’s processes. One cannot deny that we are more than skin and bone so let us explore the unfoldment of potential that ‘radical’ thinking can bring.


Open your minds and hearts to possibility and see what happens!



You can also purchase the Stellar essences at a reduced rate if they are bought at the same time as this book - take a look at the listings



Designed to accompany the Stellar Essences and the Stellar Essence booklet:


A terrific booklet on usage & healing properties of each of the essences. A must for therapists & those interested in vibrational medicine. Many serious Kinesiologists are now using the Stellar essences as a powerful healing modality in their clinics.

~ Note: This booklet comes free with the Stellar Essence Kit, so if you are purchasing the kit today you will not need this booklet as an individual purchase ~


We find the Stellar essences to be more rapid in strength and speed of healing than the flower essences and even the Gem essences. If you want a gently nurturing healing that take some time, these essences may not be the choice for you. However if you are ready for change NOW then the stellar essences are perfect.


*Note - After Downloading this Ebook, change the extension of the file to .doc by right clicking and renaming it. Then you open it OK.