Soap Art DVD

Soap Art DVD

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Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences



 Single Disc of DVD covering:

Demonstrations, Melt & Pour Soap Techniques, Soap Art, Practical tips & techniques

 Discover an easy means of creating your own soap at home. For personal use, to begin/enhance a new business, to delight friends with special gifts & ‘works of soap art’

 Fun Soap Art Demonstrations

Whether you already make soap & wish to gain more benefit from your skills or are interested in a new craft - this DVD will be eye opener for you!

 It is presented in a practical, easy to understand workshop style format.

 You are getting a full 2 DVD’s woth of tutorials compressed on to 1 disc

 (PAL compatible for most countries except USA) – for our USA customers you may need to watch this on your computer if your DVD player is not world zone.

  Topics covered include:

 Melt & Pour Techniques

  •  Loofah Soaps

  •  Adding Shimmers & botanicals

  •  Water Slide Transfers

  •  Metallic soaps

  •  Gemstone & Crystal Soaps

  •  Rolled soap - just add water - like French Milled Soap

  •  Layering Colours

  •  Guest Soap Petals

  •  Embeds & Transparent Soaps

  •  Soap Curls, Shavings of Soap

  •  Images embedded in soaps - personalise!

  •  Cupcake soap, Christmas Puddings, Cakes & Slices

  •  Soap ‘Gellies’, Bath Goo, Liquid Soaps

  •  Shea Butter, Moisturising Soaps

  •  Natural Skin care - perfect for all

  •  + more fun & exciting topics, demonstrations, ideas, great for kids too - have a soap making party! 

 You will be creating like a pro’ in a few simple steps.

 Beautifully presented in a full colour, gloss case  – a perfect gift, a new hobby or to build on your soap making skills. 

SOAP ART CAKE SLICES These are gorgeous – they look good enough to eat – your friends will be fascinated. I have seen similar soap art cakes selling for up to $29.95 per slice.