Skin Analyser - Moisture, Oil

Skin Analyser - Moisture, Oil

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BIA Skin Analyser - Determine the moisture, oil & Smoothness of your skin with the touch of a button!

Without water, people cannot survive. Our skin needs enough moisture to maintain the normal function & then to appear hydrated, youthful & fresh.
When facial skin becomes dehydrated, we develop fine lines and wrinkles and become prematurely aged.

In order to keep the skin healthy, we must get to know the moisture & oil level of our skin and what we can do to achieve optimum balance resulting in a youthful glow.

It is amazing how rapidly air conditioning can dehydrate the surface skin, the skin analyser will assist you to determine what is occurring for you skin at any time & how you can assist (including what facial products are really benefiting your skin).
This skin analyser utilises Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to automatically determine the factors affecting skin conditions, including moisture, oil and softness levels. These results are then displayed on the LCD screen with a convenient graphical illustration and description for you to understand. (General guidelines, suggest that food, health condition, lifestyle and external environment are used to affect our skin conditions).
(BIA) Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, utilises bioimpedance as the measuring theor to determine the percentage of Fat-free Mass (body liquid and electrolyte) and fat mass (fat does not contain water) in our body tissues.

1. Single-key operation
2. Easy-to-read LCD display pattern (with blacklight source)
3. Anti-slip design (easy to hold)
4. Ergonomic design for comfortable handholding
5. Convenient cap to cover probes
6. CR 2032 lithlum battery is used
7. Low-voltage display
8. Includes User Guide
9. Gift Boxed

How does it work:
Ensure your face is clean, dry and free or moisturisers or skin care products.

  • Remove the cap of the skin analyser, where you will see 2 metal probes
  • Press the start button, place the probes on your skin and apply gentle pressure to ensure they are in full contact with the skin.
  • After a few seconds a "beep" will emit, indicating that the testing is complete.
  • Remove the analyser and you can read the results.
  • The graph will show moisture, oil and roughness/smoothness read outs. They will range from a "0" (neutral) reading to -5 or +5, providing an easy to read result, highlighting the areas in need of assistance on your face.
  • You can effectively determine whether your skin regime is working for your skin type and whether you need to take extra care in certain situations (eg - working in air conditioning, out in the weather, etc)

Never has it been easier to determine the health & wellbeing of your skin and take simple steps to ensure your youthfulness and beautiful skin.