Rice Powder, French Milled Style Organic - Exfoliating
Rice Powder, French Milled Style Organic - Exfoliating
Rice Powder, French Milled Style Organic - Exfoliating

Rice Powder, French Milled Style Organic - Exfoliating

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Organic Rice Powder: (French Milled style in Australia) All Natural, Organic, Food Grade beautiful additives

For craft projects, soap making, skin care ranges

Organic French Milled Rice Powder 

Not just ground Rice - Organic French Milled Rice Powder feels like fluffy powder with exfoliating grains throughout and will blend through soap, leaving a gentle exfoliation and blend easily through your bath and body products.

Mix to a paste with water and use as a gentle exfoliating face mask or gentle facial scrub.

Add directly to a bath to nourish and soothe the skin or blend with your bathing crystals / salts
*Caution, can make the bath slippery.

In the Kit of 6 you will receive 1 each of:

Organic Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Rice Powder, Plain Milk Bath Powder, Rose Milk Bath Powder, Rosemary Milk Bath Powder, Lavender Milk Bath Powder.


  • These high quality additives are presented to you in 100gm, 500gm and 1kg pkts
  • Only require a little or wish to trial them: 5gm sample pack or a variety selection of 6.


  • Perfect for Soap Making (MP, CP, HP), Skin care ranges 
  • They are stable in low and high ph environments
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • Adding to: soap making, lotions, smelly jellies, creams, Bathing Crystals / Salts and gel products
  • Alternatively, just add a sprinkling directly to your bath product


  • To blend with water: add some powder to water and mix up to a paste
  • If you add 1 x 5gm pkt per kg of Soap Base, 50gms is enough to make 10 kilos of soap
  • Add to your Melt and Pour soap at a ratio of round 1tsp (5 gm pkt) per 1 kg of soap. You can add more if you prefer it richer 

Why use the Renascent Bath & Body Additives ?

  • They are of the highest quality
  • Organic wherever possible
  • From Australian Farmers
  • Long shelf life
  • Are stable and non toxic
  • You only need a small amount in many cases - your additives will last for ages
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect quality for the best soap making
  • Blend beautifully with the Mica shimmer powders
  • Can be blended to create luxurious soaps 
*Disclaimer: certain individuals may experience sensitivity to certain substances, individuals would need to ascertain suitability for their project before using - please test a small amount before using.