Quartz Eggs x 2

Quartz Eggs x 2

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Beautiful little cut and polished Quartz "EGGS" (YOU ARE BUYING 2 EGGS)

Perfect to use as worry stones, to rub in the fingers and relieve stress. Everyone who has seen these dear little eaggs thinks they are adorable.

Perfect for a collection.

Approximately 30mm long


The following is an extract from Esoteric Gemmology - reprinted with permission (C) Copyright Lesley Mitchell



(Pronounced Qwor-tz Kris-tal)

GEOLOGICAL :- The name crystal is derived from the Greek, meaning ‘ice’, as it was believed this colorless gem was eternally frozen. Quartz has a hardness of 7 and is found all over the world. They may be confused with all colorless gems and glass, mainly used for costume jewellery and to imitate Diamonds. Rhinestones were formerly Quartz crystal pebbles, found at the Rhine, however, today they are merely multicolored glass imitations.

MYTHOLOGY :- Many stories are told concerning Quartz Crystal and its properties, the most famous and still to this day, unexplained, are concerning the famous crystal skulls which have been discovered. These skulls are found to contain fibre optic nerve sensors in the eye sockets, which, to this day we do not have the technology to reproduce. Exactly what  purposes these skulls have is still uncertain, although many believe they are huge memory and information banks, just waiting to be tapped into.

In Japan, the congealed breath of the white dragon is said to be embodied in Quartz, whilst larger pieces of Quartz are said to be the saliva of the violet dragon. In Japan Quartz is the symbol of purity, patience, perseverance and the infinity of space.