Oatmeal Powder, Colloidal
Oatmeal Powder, Colloidal
Oatmeal Powder, Colloidal
Oatmeal Powder, Colloidal

Oatmeal Powder, Colloidal

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Colloidal Oatmeal Powder: All Natural, Food Grade - beautiful additives

For craft projects, soap making, skin care ranges

Finely Milled Oatmeal Powder will hold in colloidal suspension

Not just ground oatmeal - colloidal oatmeal will finely dissipate through water and blend easily through your bath and body products. *See notes below*

Light and fluffy powder.

Mix to a paste with water and use as a gentle exfoliating face mask or gentle facial scrub.

Add directly to a bath to nourish and soothe the skin or blend with your bathing crystals / salts
*Caution, can make the bath slippery.

*Please note: 

- this is not a superfine variety -

we used to sieve this product to remove all the bran husks from the oat powder, however many customers asked for this part to be left in due to the skin nourishing effects. If you are wanting a super fine powder you can simply sieve these particles out. They will still easily blend through soaps and most skin care products.


In the Kit of 6 you will receive 1 each of:

Organic Colloidal Oatmeal, Organic Rice Powder, Plain Milk Bath Powder, Rose Milk Bath Powder, Rosemary Milk Bath Powder, Lavender Milk Bath Powder.


  • These high quality additives are presented to you in 100gm, 500gm and 1kg pkts
  • Only require a little or wish to trial them: 5gm sample pack or a variety selection of 6.


  • Perfect for Soap Making (MP, CP, HP), Skin care ranges 
  • They are stable in low and high ph environments
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • Adding to: soap making, lotions, smelly jellies, creams, Bathing Crystals / Salts and gel products
  • Alternatively, just add a sprinkling directly to your bath product


  • To blend with water: add some powder to water and mix up to a paste
  • If you add 1 x 5gm pkt per kg of Soap Base, 50gms is enough to make 10 kilos of soap
  • Add to your Melt and Pour soap at a ratio of round 1tsp (5 gm pkt) per 1 kg of soap. You can add more if you prefer it richer 

Why use the Renascent Bath & Body Additives ?

  • They are of the highest quality
  • Long shelf life
  • Are stable and non toxic
  • You only need a small amount in many cases - your additives will last for ages
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect quality for the best soap making
  • Blend beautifully with the Mica shimmer powders
  • Can be blended to create luxurious soaps 

The main difference in colloidal oatmeal over the store bought oatmeal that you use for cereals is that colloidal oatmeal use the whole husk rather than just parts of it which makes it more nourishing.

Whilst you may be able to achieve a similar product with oat bran and the oats provided you could mill them finely - we also use non GMO and organic where possible (although we do not have organic certification so we cannot state this on the products). We also prefer to use the whole husk rather than buy individual components which have gone through different processes and treatments.

Our oats are also pre solublisied which basically means they are pre-soaked to absorb water then fully dried out before being finely ground

This process allows it to absorb water more easily and create more of a "float' effect

However some parts will always drop/float to the base of a liquid suspension depending on viscosity

What you may be seeing as dropping may in fact be the bran part of the oats, we used to sieve all this out of the product, but many customers asked for it to be left in as it assists in skin care products with detoxifying and drawing.

*Disclaimer: certain individuals may experience sensitivity to certain substances, individuals would need to ascertain suitability for their project before using - please test a small amount before using.