Itch Remover - Natural relief from bites, stings & itching

Itch Remover - Natural relief from bites, stings & itching

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Naturally relieves itches/Stings, mosquito bites

Completely natural, utilising centuries old Chinese acupressure theories and treatments to relieve itching and stinging inaturally, easily and with no drugs or side effects. 


Wave Integration Itch Remover

Itch Remover is a new generation high tech product manufactured with a combination of semi conductor waves integration & micro-electronic control technology. With advanced processes, it works without chemicals.

The energy wave  emitted can control or kill bacteria and virus rapidly and effectively and in seconds remove the stinging itch from caused by brushing against plants & bites from bugs and prevent the wound from swelling & becoming inflamed.

Suitable for all.

It is a well-researched product with great testing processes incorporating traditional Chinese medicine.

A client of ours recently had a severe allergic reaction to long grasses from the garden, his feet were red, inflamed and dreadfully itchy. After using the itch go for a few seconds – all itching immediately ceased


  1. Slide open the battery cover at the bottom and load battery according to the polarity indicated.
  2. Place the metal tip directly on to the itching area
  3. Slide the button up to turn on and hold for 10-30 seconds or until heat is felt on the skin. Turn off & the itching is gone
  4. Use as required or 2-3 times per day until itching has ceased.


With the special effects of stopping itching after bites, allergies or infections. The unique green/eco physical treatment. Allows a certain spectrum light band to act upon the wound of allergies & bites, which can reduce the acetic acid in a very short time. It is a high-tech product without any chemicals. Perfect to protect your skin.

Suitable for children and the elderly

Portable for travelling

Gift Boxed - terrific for useful gift giving. 

This item mayalso be charged by plugging into a USB port on your computer (leads come with product)

Utilising the Itch remover over a bite will create a different feeling to utilising it over skin where no damage has occurred

In the process of use, you may feel a ‘burning’ sensation, yet it is not enough to damage your skin

This product shall not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Care should be taken when using on children under 3 years of age or extremely sensitive skin.

Remove the battery when not in use (to prevent corrosion)

To avoid any accidents – keep out of reach of children.


The statements made in this manual have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product cannot and should not be used for the purposes of diagnosing or curing any illness, disease, condition or malady. The product should only be used by one who is both qualified and competent to operate such equipment. Our company and its principles assume no liability for injury that results from either the correct or incorrect use of the equipment. Nothing in this manual should be construed as medical advice and this product is not endorsed for any medical purpose. Only your physician should assist you with a medical problem.


Every home should have an itch remover