Gem Crystal Healing or Tarot Cards

Gem Crystal Healing or Tarot Cards

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A COMPLETE SET OF HEALING INSIGHT CARDS - Use as a healing tool or for personal insights!

A wonderful gift or powerful tool. 40 Gem healing cards with description cards & instructions. Beautifully packaged in a full color box. Fantastic for your own use or as a terrific gift.

Gem Essence Healing Cards

Full color cover with images of the 40 gems and crystals

*New* A great set of 40 gem essence cards (105mm X 70mm) + full instruction cards – full color / gloss for readings, spiritual insights, healing & more. Each card is treated with the energies for that gem & will radiate these, producing healing for the body by holding it or the environment by placing it. An excellent tool for natural health practitioners as part of a clinic session. Can locate & release issues & concerns. Nor just for insights, but to heal also. (Practitioner tool). Beautifully Gift boxed

Each of these cards has been individually “tuned” & misted with Renascent Gem Essences  to resonate with the healing properties of the gem depicted on it.

 You may utilise the cards by the following methods:
1. Select a card to determine the area in need of healing for the day, mist yourself with the appropriate essence. Carry the card with you for the day.
2. Feng Shui to rebalance your environment
3. In a professional healing setting
4. For psychic readings
5. For daily insights
6. To understand the healing properties of gems & crystals
7. Think of a topic & draw a card to understand the energies surrounding it.
8. Ask a child /person to draw a card to understand what is occurring for them
9. Draw a card for your daily affirmation
(*2-5 have instruction cards enclosed)
We hope these cards assist you on your life journey.


To provide insight into your own personal healing & the events occurring in your life - shuffle the cards (face down), select 1card and read the healing properties on the card to discover the healing you need to re-balance your energies at this time. Utilise the Renascent Gem Essences to harmonise. In mild cases holding the card and allowing the energy to flow into you may be all that is required. 

In cases of severe trauma or shock, utilise Renascent  Diamond essence over the crown chakra (head) to calm & release shock & integration balm to “switch on” the energy systems.


In a healing situation you can utilise Kinesiology, pendulums, intuition or your chosen method of selecting - to determine the most appropriate card for the patient. The negative aspects are the concerns the patient will be suffering & the positive are those the healing will bring forth. Also perform  a balance to the affirmation on the card.

Place the chosen card within the persons energy field(within 3 inches or 8cm  of the body) for 1-30 minutes to bring in &  incorporate the healing energies of the gem.

A healing session can be performed whilst the card is within the energy field for deeper healing.


In a Feng Shui situation you can utilise Kinesiology, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods,  intuition or your chosen method of selecting - to determine the most appropriate card to balance the energies in that sector of the home / business.
Place the chosen card in that area for several minutes up to several weeks to incorporate the balancing effects of the gem.
*Works well with the Houses of Life System*

In cases of severe trauma or shock, begin with Diamond essence in the Tai Chi (center) of the building & blessings oil to seal, protect & harmonise.


To provide insight into the events occurring in your life - shuffle the cards (face down), select 1-7 cards according to the layout you have chosen and read the healing properties on the card to provide insight and answers to your questions. The negative often represents the current situation & the positive the possible outcomes.

It is important to realise that the cards are not conclusive answers & cannot tell you what to do. They merely highlight the energies around the chosen situation, enabling you insight to make your own choices.

By law we are required to tell you that no conclusive scientific tests have been done utilising these cards, the healing properties of any gems or gem essences.

Due to the nature of this emerging field, no health or medicinal claims are made. Unfortunately, much of what we have come to regard as routine from our experience with Renascent Gem essence, is not substantiated to the satisfaction of the medical board. Therefore no healing claims are made or implied in any way. The information printed on these cards is purely personal opinions into areas people have found beneficial when working with the Renascent gem essences.

These products are offered  for educational purposes only. No statements or inferences thereof, made by anyone at Renascent, should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment, or prevention of any disease or as a substitute for professional healthcare.

(Cut & Paste this esoteric / healing info' to go with your item if desired)

With compliments from Renascent College © Lesley Mitchell