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EMERGENCY ESSENCE - Restores balance in times of crisis, good for accidents, shock, disturbing news or confrontations to prevent shock being stored. Releasing & calming.

A spray of Emergency essence every night will assist to release shock & trauma from the energy field and allow the mind and energy systems to switch off & gain refreshing sleep.

Handy 10ml Spray mist bottle

Can also be utilised for misting over areas of shock & trauma in the home where an arguement or accident has taken place to soothe distrubed energies & promote peace & balanced Qi (energy)

PLEASE READ THIS - The information contained in this brochure is the opinion of the author and reports from a wide range of people using the essences as to the areas they have found greatest assistance in. They are used to correct energy imbalances or stresses which may in turn be creating illness or physical problems in the body.  Being a vibrational essence they have not been tested scientifically and no such claims are made for them. We encourage you to also see a professional therapist whenever applicable.

All of the information in this brochure is © Copyright - Lesley Mitchell

DOSAGE - The essences may be utilised in a number of ways. One of the most effective which we recommend (for adults & children), is to succuss (shake) the bottle to activate the essence(s). Warm in the fingers, then apply directly to the temples, pulse points or acupuncture points in the body (externally only) similar to the way you would apply perfume. You may press the essence on, rub or smooth it in or pass it through the energy field (aura). In utilising the essences in this way, we have found remarkable results. It is as if, unhindered by the cellular mass of the body they are able to penetrate directly to the vibrational field or aura of our body, producing swift and concise effects. They may be applied in stock strength in this way, or as a dilution (7 drops of the chosen essence(s) in 25ml of purified water - note: dilutions use by 3-6 weeks or disregard) Other recommendations are placing stock strength essence in an oil burner, massaged on the skin with oil, placed in a bath, sprayed on clothing, carpets, furniture, in washing machines or the car, etc. For animals they can be rubbed through the coat.