Elite Soap Instructor Listing - Join us

Elite Soap Instructor Listing - Join us

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Welcome - we are so delighted you are considering have us list you as a professional Soap art instructor - CONGRATULATIONS - you are joining the 1% of instructors that are prepared to put in some extra effort and will be highly valued.

We Have 2 Levels of Instructors:

You have applied for:

Elite Soap Making Instructors

Part of the RBB Team - certified or recognised by RBB - listed on our website as an elite instructor for any students to find you (Annual admin fee)

Annual membership benefits:

  1. Instructors Insurance covered (usually around $800pa) for Australian Instructors using only RBB products
    Overseas instructors can join, but we can only cover Australian insurance
  2. Annual Certificate as a RBB instructor
  3. Priority listing on the RBB website as a certified Elite Instructor
  4. 5% Unique discount code to give to your students on any purchases they make throughout the year on the RBB website
  5. Using the above code – 5% off any purchase you make on the RBB website using your unique code
  6. 5% of all annual sales from your discount code given back to you as a product discount code at the end of the year
  7. 40% discount on any classes (in person or correspondence) you wish to take personally
  8. Ability to buy an instructors kit of supplies at greatly reduced price (Australia only)
  9. Comprehensive Instructors Training Manual
  10. Access to the RBB team personally should you need advice or assistance
  11. Ability to join the Soap Instructors private facebook group.

Elite membership costs only $70 per year and provides a wealth of value

You will automatically receive a digital document of your “Knowledge papers” to fill out emailed directly to you, fill it out and email back to us and we will have you listed on our “Find a Soap Instructor” page quicker than dropping a slippery soap.

Upon successful completion of your knowledge papers we will email you your annual Certificate – which you can proudly display – showing you are an Elite Instructor.

You will also receive an annual discount code you can use yourself and give to your students – as well as the discounts, you will receive 5% of all sales on this code back in April as a discount voucher to do all your shopping for free!