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Renascent Stellar Essences
A wonderful range of essences, harnessing and bringing forth the energies of the constellations. These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being. By bringing them into harmony we are able to work in partnership with the universe and in harmony with life.


Dubhe Feminine - Alpha Ursa Major

The star of ‘Clear Sight’ removes the obstacles of illusion to allow the perception of truth. This essence clears mental confusion and wipes away the fog of deception. Beneficial for those who are working with or developing the abilities of clairvoyance. Also for those who seem to walk into disruptive situations. Those who say “I never even saw it coming” to produce the ability to discern what energies are around them and what is about to take place. Good for travellers or those who get themselves into abusive situation.

Physical: Abrasions - Pains - Diarrhoea -Bleeding - Blurred vision - Flu - Sexual concerns & imbalances Emotional: Metal Element-Earth Element, Sexual connection Mental: Confusion-Strain Soul: Distortion - Lost - Here & Now –Overwhelm Spiritual: Buddha - Universal Love & Light - Divine Love Chakras: Brow - Solar - Navel – Base