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Personal Ch'i Energy Disc for Animals

Relieves the stress from electromagnetic fields. In modern times - a product everyone needs. Copper discs for natural health & healing

Copper Animal Ch'i Energy Disc

Pets get tired, have general aches & pains in the body and general emotional ups and downs. All of this may lead to them not being in the best interest and enjoyment of their owner/family. When assisted back to a balanced state through the use of a Ch'i energy disc for animals we have had reports of pets: Sleeping better, having a more pleasant disposition, being happier, eating well again (or eating less in the case of being overweight) and generally being more relaxed, vital & happy.

Animals Ch’i Energy Disc For Animals: worn on a collar, placed in their bed or touching the glass of a fish tank. Assistance for their subtle bodies from the debilitating effects of electromagnetic stress. Upliftment of thoughts, alignment and polarisation of energy fields.

This particular disc is harmonised especially to suit the energy field of an animal (pet) We like our pets to be happy, content and full of life, yet most importantly we want them to have a balanced nature and be safe to be around. As the pet owners lifestyle changes, there are also many changes occurring in the body and mind for your pet on both the physical and the subtle fields. This disc resonates with a pets balanced state of being (on an energy level) producing balance & harmony. Whilst this may seem an extravagance expense for a pet, people have reported their pets are more gentle and open to love after wearing their disc and more pleasant and caring towards the family. Simply attach to a collar where the disc is in constant contact with the animal, or tie the cord around as a collar, remember to leave two to three finger spaces for neck room. Whilst some people see this as an extravagant purchase, others see the benefit for the entire family.

The Ch’i Energy Disc may be used in the following manner:

1. Worn around the neck, placed in their bed, pinned to clothing or placed on the glass of a fish tank to give ‘subtle energy assistance’.

2. Placed on or close to food and water to reduce negative energy residues and ‘messages’.

3. To reduce the ‘energy blocks’ carried in plastics, rubber and synthetics and thus allow ‘subtle energy’ to flow through. Simply place it on or under them.