Best Quality Yowah Nut Matrix Boulder Opal x 100gms

Best Quality Yowah Nut Matrix Boulder Opal x 100gms

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100gms Assorted Rough Specimens of Boulder Opal From Yowah Queensland - Great Value!   

That's a huge selection - it will make any crystal healer or budding gem collector thrilled!

Let us choose a lovely selection for you - at a great price!

These pieces are approximately 5-10mm each & beautiful quality. Some may be gem cutting quality, however most are better for collectors or healing. What a great gift for anyone who loves gems.

Why so cheap?
This selection may not have colour flashes, generally they are Opal matrix (lovely patterns of brown swirls), although some may have beautiful colour - these are generally the ones we have kept for the individual listings (at a much higher price)

Specimens are lovely in shades different brown matrix (some may have flashes of veined color). Varying sizes. Beautiful quality, From Australia. Lovely quality & unusual gems for collectors.

If you are after beautiful colour flashes for cutting, please take a look at our individual opal listings or ask us for details on others available not listed.

The gems in the image are a hand full from a large barrel & yours may vary from the ones shown in the above image & may vary in their appearance.

Some information on your pieces:

  • Boulder Opal
  • I hand collected these pieces from years of fossicking in Sth Queensland from a place called Yowah
  • They are known as Yowah nuts as often they appear to have a 'nut' of opal inside them - in the above picture on 1 specimen (top left) you can see this 'nut' formation 
  • They are also known as set in 'Matrix' opal
  • You may see they brownish nut formations or on some they will have delicate banding of colored opal running throughout - sometimes in lines other times as scattered patterns of Opal
  • Many, many more - this photo really isn't the best. It was a hot day and the gems were slightly wet & the photo was taken simply looking into a drum. We will choose a lovely selection for you!

*PLEASE NOTE: To bring a real sparkle to the gems in the above pictures - wet them to show off their true colors, this can be achieved easily with water, hair lacquer, varnish or polishing. 

With other items, sometimes a hand or a coin will be in the picture, simply to show the size more clearly (the coin is not included with the listing).

To offset - Negative: Angered easily, pessimistic, set back by own negative thoughts, feel like life is not moving forwards.  

To create - Positive: Increase psychic awareness, spontaneity, sensitivity, calms overwrought states, brings joy & creativity. Draws hidden emotions to the surface to deal with.