Bathing Crystals / Salts Making DIY BULK Kit
Bathing Crystals / Salts Making DIY BULK Kit
Bathing Crystals / Salts Making DIY BULK Kit

Bathing Crystals / Salts Making DIY BULK Kit

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Create your own Natural Bathing Crystals. So simple a child can make it, beautiful gifts.
Imagine, relaxing back in a bath, soothing aching muscles and letting the day drift away Mmmm!
Anyone would love this gift - fun, delightful & useful items.
(Create your own special gifts or a new business skill today)  - COMPLETELY VEGAN!
Make them for fun gifts or as a new business adventure. You may add more colours or fragrances from our store.
So Simple, we will show you how. In a matter of minutes, you will be making professional bathing crystals / bath salts. Take a look at some of the images above to get an idea of what you could create.
Your Bathing Salt Bliss Kit Contains:
  • Instruction Sheet
  • 1kg pure (water softening) natural rock salt,
  • 10 x resealable Packaging Bags
  • 1 x Full size Fragrant or Essential oil or 2 x Sample Size Oils (Randomly Chosen)
  • 10 x Twist Tie Bows or 1 x packet of ribbons
  • 1-5gm packet or pot of cosmetic glitter
  • 1-5gm packet or pot of cosmetic Mica shimmers
  • 1-5gm packet of milk bath powder
  • 1-5gm packet of clay powder
If making the bath salts to sell you will get 20 x 50 g bags with this kit. We recommend a retail price of $4.95 each
  • RRP $42.50
A perfect build on from the Starteer kit for yourself or a great gift idea - so simple the kids will love it - A great way to fill the holidays and you get to use all the gorgeous bathing crystals they create.
It makes wonderful gifts, people just love a delightful bathing experience. Great fun for children to make and perfect for school fetes & craft days – the possibilities are endless, but most of all ………….. it is great fun, enjoy!
To make your own Bathing Crystals, depending on oils and additives, the costs are around 20c-$1 pkt. A great price for natural soap & terrific Christmas presents, add some gold or pearl mica & you have some boutique quality products.