Banana Flavour (Oil Based)
Banana Flavour (Oil Based)

Banana Flavour (Oil Based)

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BANANA Oil Based Flavour for Balm, Soaps, Bath products, Chocolates, Cupcakes, Baking, Craft.

Whilst any flavours can be used in soap / candle making, it is these truly special ones that will set your product apart from others on the market. These beautiful flavours are gorgeous.

  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • No animal products - Vegan
  • Completely edible
  • You can use them for: Soaps, Candles, Lip Balm, Cup Cakes, Chocolates, Icing, Ice cream, Cake decorating, sweets, (the caramel is great when making marshmallows)
  • Specifically made for baking, cooking, soap making - can be used for any other bathing products you wish to make - eg - bath bombs, bathing salts, shower gels

  •  Can be used in oil burners for fragrancing the home

  • Can be used in any product you wish to add a gorgeous fragrance to

  • These oils are so delicious it is an incredible experience baking with them. Children especially love these flavours.

  • Flavour Oils – 25ml

Suitable for Gluten Free & Vegan Dietary Requirements.