Antique Chinese Coin Set

Antique Chinese Coin Set

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Chinese I Ching coins

Chinese I Ching coins, (gold metal) used for coin casting in I Ching readings or by Feng Shui consultants for implementing in houses as cures. These coins are used extensively by Level 2 students and practitioners for offsetting debilitating "stars" that enter into the home. Used for birth chart, yearly, monthly (and for the very dedicated) daily stars.

In Feng Shui, it is said that coins represent the element metal, and thus symbolise wealth. If you string 3 I-Ching coins together onto a red thread, you can place them into the wealth sector of your home, next to a cash register or even onto the accounts books in your business, to increase prosperity and wealth.

Three I-Ching coins may also be used for reading the I-Ching - one side of the coin is named Yin and the other side Yang. Through reading the coins, and comparing them with the ancient Chinese Trigrams, one can read into their life and use the ancient advice to determine how to harmonise and improve it. Trigrams are fully explained and can be interpreted in the book Secrets of the I Ching.

The Houses of Life Feng Shui Vibrational medicine course is based on deeper levels of the I Ching teachings, look under correspondence courses & books for more information............

Beautiful replicas of the authentic Chinese coins.

Approximate size= 20mm (Australian 10c piece)

The difference between the I Ching Coins (mid size), Remedy Coins (small Size) & Dragon Coins (Large Size) is only their size (& price)........................


Chinese coins represent the powerful union of heaven and earth. Described as being "square within and round without", these round coins, have been used as metal currency since the 11th century BC. The square shape in the center is the energy of the earth, while the circle represents the chi of heaven. Combined, they drive the power of wealth luck, and when energized, yang energy breaths precious life into them, transforming them into powerful emblems of wealth and prosperity. Naturally, coins taken from a rich man's home would possess an abundance of wealth energy. The Chinese characters on the coins bear the name of the reign. It is believed that these coins should ideally be chosen from the prosperous reign periods.