AMMONITE Fossil Rough Gemstone Specimen

AMMONITE Fossil Rough Gemstone Specimen

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Gemstone: Vivid colours, natural gemstone AMMONITE 

Finish: Beautifully Natural Form, Untumbled, Rough

Beautiful markings, gems,

Lovely natural crystal / mineral specimens

You can see the fascinating natural shape, sure to delight all.

Genuine Fossil AMMONITE each piece will vary slightly however they all show the amazing markings of the creature AMMONITE 

Quantity / Weight of Gem:  1 x Piece

It is for 1 piece only (but you can buy as many as you like)

SIZE: Approx' 10-30mm each GEM, Weight varies due to size

Quite rare & lovely

Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on display. 

*Please note - these may be wet in the image and may need polishing / spraying to bring out their full colour - perfect for tumblers.

* Actual gems may vary slightly from those shown in the picture above