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Renascent Stellar Essences
A wonderful range of essences, harnessing and bringing forth the energies of the constellations. These energies are all pervading and influence every aspect of our being. By bringing them into harmony we are able to work in partnership with the universe and in harmony with life.

Altair Masculine - Alpha Aquila

The star of ‘Righteousness’ brings the energy of the Divine word & law. The essence for washing away the ‘mud’ of accumulated wrong doings. Hard hitting but fair, this essence forms the Divine light of ‘correct & righteous’ action. Beneficial for those who are incensed by a sense of injustice, those who feel they must “set the world straight” and bring everything into order. Assists to bring a sense of correcting what can be corrected and not being bothered by the rest.

Physical: Migraines - Coughing - Nausea -Constipation - Asthma – Bones Element: Wood Mental: Clarity - Peace - Beliefs - Plans

Soul: Journey – Karma Spiritual: Universal Law - Service - Purpose – Counsel Chakras: Throat