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Comprehensive PENDULUM CHARTS Divine Dowse Predict health

A4 Full size Multiple PENDULUM CHARTS
Divine Dowse Predict

  • A fascinating tool into your subconscious mind
  • Discover how certain foods may have been causing concerns in your body and the best combinations for you 

This charts contains charts for:

  • Food Suitabilities
  • Deficiency & Excess Chart
  • Colours & Rays
  • Dr Bach Charts (Flower Essences)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (Negative states indicating)
  • Emotional Psychological Charts (positive states indicating or to embrace)
  • Shock - pre natal/natal / post natal
  • Renascent Gem Essences

A fascinating practitioner tool to uncover hidden aspects within your own personality or a fascinating insight into your patients in any natural health clinic.

Use regularly to 'stay in touch' with your inner world and move through life with grace and harmony.

  • In your mind, achieve a clear response for "yes" and "no".
    Then utilise this chart to determine sensitivities / states / questions
    Name the food / supplement /essences / emotional state in question.
    OR: allow the pendulum to indicate underlying emotional states that are causing disharmony within you / your patient

    Sitting with your question, begin to swing your pendulum in a circular motion to
    begin the process.
    It will swing towards the appropriate number / state on  your chart.
    Utilising your "yes" & "no" answers - double check if this is correct
  • A4 size chart - laminated for durability - will last for years - double sided with instructions on the back sheet
Lesley Mitchell is the author of 11 books, an international lecturer, natural therapist, Kinesiology, Gem Essence & Crystal Workshop Instructor. Lesley holds diplomas in Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Geomancy and Gemmology and has been teaching natural energy techniques & gemmology  since 1988.  Lesley is the founder of Renascent & co director of The International College of Intuitive Sciences.