Tarot and Symbology Correspondence Course Workshops on DVD
Tarot and Symbology Correspondence Course Workshops on DVD
Tarot and Symbology Correspondence Course Workshops on DVD
Tarot and Symbology Correspondence Course Workshops on DVD

Tarot and Symbology Correspondence Course Workshops on DVD

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Tarot and Symbology Workshop Correspondence Course

Have you always wanted to understand what energies surround you?

  • You will receive guidance
  • Commune with your spirit helpers
  • Be given readings
  • Learn how to know the signals of spirit presence
  • Know the energy around situations by the presence of spirit or not.

This will be a fun informative and energy Awakening class

Each week we will look at how to understand the messages the world is presenting you, how to flow gently with life, how to practice psychic readings.

We will give and receive readings to each other. You will be able to perform basic readings by the end of the first session and from there we will grow.

Our goal is to assist you to have spiritual connection in everything you do in life to allow your life to flow gently.


A psychic picks up the energies around a person, whilst a medium communes with "The Other Side" and a spiritualist has an understanding of both.

You will learn techniques to assist you to embrace the energies around you and slow with them, when this is in place, things just happen. What you need is provided, abundance is available and world dramas do not need to affect you as much.

The Spiritual Development Circle is an ongoing class which meets each week. Whilst we will be covering basics we will progress to advanced work with people coming in at different levels of experience and situations.

As part of the ongoing Spiritual Development Circle, we are delighted to share with you some mini series of classes and workshops...............

All filmed in a live class - some with added footage to personalise your experience

Join us - in an Inspirational Tarot and Symbology Workshop

Prerequisites: none

Taught by Lesley Mitchell

Tell Me More:

  • Each participant will create their own Personal Awareness to bring success and clarity into their lives.
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels.


  • Perfect for beginners or the experienced.
  • Study at Home in your own Time Frame
  • Access to Real Instructors
  • Renascent College established in 1991
  • Australian Operated - Taught Worldwide
  • Live class - filmed in an actual workshop


  • DVD's
  • Covers over 4 X 2 hour classes (around 8 hours filming),
  • These DVD's have been filmed in front of a live class rather than a professional filming session, however the information is easily able to be understood and presented in such a way that you will be able to follow along, join in the meditations and create your own manifesting boards, images and receive insights right along with the class. The next best thing to being there.

Beautifully presented in a white gloss carry case with full color front & back

DVD. (PAL format - will play on most computers except USA, it can however be played on any USA world zone DVD player or in the computer)

(Supplied from Renascent College & The International College of Intuitive Sciences)

©Copyright Lesley Mitchell