Soap Art Instructional Video basics - downloadable

Soap Art Instructional Video basics - downloadable

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Demonstrations, Melt & Pour Soap Techniques, Soap Art, Practical tips & techniques

 Discover an easy means of creating your own soap at home. For personal use, to begin/enhance a new business, to delight friends with special gifts & ‘works of soap art’

 Fun Soap Art Demonstrations

Whether you already make soap & wish to gain more benefit from your skills or are interested in a new craft - this will be eye opener for you!

It is presented in a practical, easy to understand workshop style format.

After purchase a video link will be sent where you can watch all the techniques

Topics covered include:

  • Basics
  • Additives
  • Shimmers and Glitters
  • Steampunk Soap
  • Guest Soaps
  • Gift Wrapping and Packaging

 You will be creating like a pro’ in a few simple steps.

BRAND NEW – Directly downloaded from RenascentBathBody.