Ruler Auspicious Measurements Feng Shui Divination
Ruler Auspicious Measurements Feng Shui Divination
Ruler Auspicious Measurements Feng Shui Divination

Ruler Auspicious Measurements Feng Shui Divination

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The First Feng Shui Ruler in English - accurately translated

Proudly created by Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences

A fabulous tool for yourself and a wonderfully special gift

All objects resonate to a particular vibration depending on their dimensions, this can bring good luck and benevolence or misfortune and ill health. The energies that most strongly effect you are that of objects which are important to you or that you spend a great deal of time immersed in. Eg - your desk, bed, office/arm chair. Also important is the measurement of the front door as this is the particular quality of Ch'i (energy) that is being invited in to your home or workplace.

To use the ruler, begin at CAI (first sector), directly at the first black line and determine what group of energies your object falls in to and then for more finely detailed information what sector of energies.

If your object is greater than the length of the ruler, simply mark where this finishes and then begin at CAI until you get the correct dimension

It may be important to measure all dimension, eg - height, length & width to fully understand all the energies this object is immersed in.

If the Ch'i it falls in to is good (sectors marked with +) nothing further needs to be done, if it falls into a negative sector (marked with a -) you may like to change this. As well as physically shortening or lengthening objects, false tops may be added to tables, small pieces of wood, etc under legs to raise them or you may alter the size symbolically.

Paint a line or tape on ribbon around the door or object to provide the illusion it is a different size.

Interestingly a standard cigarette box falls into illness & loss - this energy is brought into the body constantly if you carry this object around with you.

Ideas: anything you carry on your body (jewellery/ cases), letterboxes, receipt books, cash registers, tills, fences, gates, front counters, items for holding important documents, suit cases, telephones, wallets, purses, cots, pens used for signing cheques or important documents, letterheads, business envelopes, business cards.

Do not become fanatical - good Feng Shui is that of balance, have fun with your dimensions, good luck & blessings.

The Feng Shui Ruler  - Solid wood ruler with full color gloss images & instructions.

How can I attract love, prosperity or joy into my life ? How can I create everything I want in life ?

Use the ruler to measure important things / things you spend a great deal of time at, eg: bed, favourite chair, office desk, entrance door, etc. Determine what characheristics you most wish to achieve from your ruler Eg: Success, promotion, eminence, money luck, abundant fortune, prosperity by past efforts, enlightenment, etc. Change the measurements physically or energetically (eg with paint or ribbon) to fit the measurement you are after. Wait for this energy to begin to be imbued into your life.


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