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Flavoured teas: Served Hot – Classic favourites to warm the heart & soothe the soul

Infused with Qi Gong Healing Energies for gentleness, joy, delicateness, beauty, love, beautiful skin.

ROSE PUCHONG:   A classic favourite.

A beautiful Orange Pekoe Tea with the addition of lovely Rose Petals, imparting a delicate aroma to the tea.

Elegantly classic! (I fell in love with this tea from Scotland & scoured the world to find the most lovely quality to offer to you) 

Drink hot - with or without milk, a perfect tea for supper, afternoon tea or anytime)

Our teas are packaged by the box rather than by weight - the boxes are approx' 100mm X 70mm X 30mm

Herbal teas usually weigh 25gm – 70gm and black teas 45-60gm