Qi Gong - Seven Star - Practice DVD
Qi Gong - Seven Star - Practice DVD
Qi Gong - Seven Star - Practice DVD

Qi Gong - Seven Star - Practice DVD

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Seven Star Standing Pole Qi Gong - Easy to follow along course!

(PAL Format - most zones, except USA / NTSC - USA)

Seven Star Standing Pole Qi Gong DVD (Zhuan Zhuang) was developed by Wang Xiangzhai who was influenced by past Buddhist (Mt Ermei) and Taoist (Mt Wudang) Masters. In the 1920's he taught in Shanghai 'Yi Quan' (Will Boxing). Later he moved to Beijing to further develop his styles and changed the name of his martial art to 'Da Chang Quan' (Great Complete Boxing).He died in the 1960's and today Seven Star Standing Pole is taught by Master Wang Xuanjie.

Many Qigong teachers have as their foundational requirements, standing pole exercises. It develops discipline, strengthens the yang Qi and over time develops the quiet mind.

Qi Gong Master & head instructor at the Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences. Daryll has studied many styles of Qi Gong including Martial, Medical and Meditation forms although concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (Former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong).

Daryll has trained diligently & extensively to attain the high level and proficiency in Qi Gong which includes the ability to 'see inside' or tell the condition of various organs, glands, bones etc. at a glance. His Mastership includes the ability to influence Feng Shui at the fundamental level with Qi. Something that is not accomplished by moving objects or placing a few remedies around.

 A wonderful course of practice exercises & training for beginners & practitioners alike.

This DVD has been put together for Mr Mitchell's private Qi Gong students and is filmed in an actual classroom. It is not a professionally finished DVD - however it offers an interesting insight into a working class and practice of this lovely form of 'healing' Qi Gong.