Qi Field CD

Qi Field CD

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(can be played on any CD player)
*Please note it is not advisable to meditate whilst driving or operating machinery

At one time there were more than 100 million Xiang Gong practitioners throughout China.

A Qi Gong meditation for the development of a Qi Field for healing and cultivation.

Perfect for students who wish to cultivate their personal Qi Field for vitality and health as well as those employed as practitioners to strengthen the Qi field for healing when working with clients.

For the layperson, a wonderful meditation to strengthen their own health, vitality and create a sense of harmony both personally and for those in the environment around them.

Available on Audio CD - perfect for listening to in a meditative state or DVD for listening and watching.

Listen and practice daily to create a beautiful Qi Field around you to bring positive energies into your life.

Also available: 
   Medical Qi Gong (to accredit the student through to professional practitioner  
    status - personal &/or business use) Level 1,2,3,Masters
   Qi Gong Practice DVD’s to follow along with at home. 
    Individual Styles or as a complete set.
In person Qi Gong classes at the Renascent Centre in Melbourne, Australia
Overseas healing & sacred journeys

A wonderful course of practice exercises & training for beginners & practitioners alike. 

Filmed in Warrandyte, this simple and beautiful qigong has the basic qi field cultivation meditation along with an audio instruction. Easy to learn and fun to do, this qigong meditation can be done by all age groups as it does not require great flexibility or strength, Please enjoy!!

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