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Natural Gemstone pendulums. Many different gems & styles available, the one in the picture is just an example.

  • Obtain answers from your subconscious
  • Test which foods are best for you
  • Auric Alignments
  • Chakra Balances
  • Beautifully made and faceted
  • Solid comfortable chain to hold
  • Nicely weighted
  • Provides clear concise answers

Weight: 25gm
Size: Approx' 20-40mm

*The below information is an extract from the book "Awaken Your energies with crystals & gems" written by Lesley Mitchell ©



A pendulum is a device used for getting information from the inner self using some type of material suspended from a chain or string. Any material with weight will do, yet the most responsive material is rock crystal.


Choose a crystal that seems to fit your own vibrations. It may be any size, but generally smaller crystals are preferred for their ease as they swing with more freedom.

When you have chosen your crystal. Glue a bell cap to the end of it, opposite the point. In order for the glue to attach securely it may be necessary to slightly roughen the area underneath where the cap is to go. Then attach a length of chain or string, so the crystal will dangle from the end. It is best if the crystal is balanced so the point hangs straight down.

**With this purchase - you don't need to do any of this as your pendulum is already fully prepared for you**

The pendulum swings through the use of the parasympathetic nervous system of the subconscious mind. These are the same muscle, which direct the involuntary actions of the body, such as respiration, digestion and heartbeat.

Now you are ready to program your pendulum. You can command your crystal to move in a certain direction for your yes or no answers. Although generally I have found people have success with the pendulum when co-operation of the subconscious is requested rather than ordered. Most people will find the following procedure fairly easy and successful to follow.

Acting on the theory that most of our subconscious is a storehouse of learned memories, be they from this lifetime or otherwise. We must firstly create the experience of a moving pendulum.

Hold the chain at a comfortable height, about three - four inches from the crystal, resting the elbow on the table. Then deliberately swing the crystal in a back and forth motion. Stop it with your other hand and swing it from side to side. Again stop it and swing it in a clockwise direction. Stop it and swing in counter clockwise direction. The order here is not important, just that there are four distinct and different directions introduced for recording in the subconscious mind.

Now that your subconscious is alerted and aware of what you are talking about, you are able to question it. By asking, “please give me a yes answer”.

Wait and expect it to move in one of the four directions. When the movement has occurred you may ask each of these questions in turn:

“Please give me a no answer”. “Which way will you swing for - I don’t know?”, “Which way will you swing for - I don’t want to say?”. Always wait for a strong answer and then stop your crystal with a command or your hand before asking the next question. This way your subconscious has an active part in seeking out the answers you require. If you forget what a swing means simply ask again. They will always remain the same for each. Whether you ask out loud or mentally makes no difference.

As you are going within your subconscious mind, the “I don’t know” and the “I don’t want to say” can become important tools. The “I don’t know” means the answer to your question lies in another part of your mind or perhaps in the superconsciousness. In this case, ask the crystal to go to the area of your mind or even the higher consciousness where this answer may be found and bring it back to you. The “I don’t want to say” means you have touched on a traumatic or painful memory you do not want to recall. You may be able to connect with this by asking different question relating to the original. Holding another crystal in the other hand may help further difficulties. People have reported a dramatic increase in results using this method.

It is often a good idea to get comfortable and practice using a pendulum before you begin to attempt a chakra balance or auric alignment. This will give you clarity in what you are doing and confidence

With compliments from Renascent ( © Lesley Mitchell

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