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You are buying 1 of the above Lopans - yours is the SMALLER size Lopan - I have simply placed 2 in the picture to show the front & back image.

Hand made from China

The essential tool of any geomancer - feng shui practitioner.

A lopan will tell the well educated feng shui practitioner everything they need to know about the energies entering into a house / office / building.

Daryll Mitchell (college principal) is a practicing feng shui master / teacher and many of his clients are amazed by the accuracy of a professional feng shui reading done on their building.

To the educated, it will outline all the dynamics within the building - including the harmonious & discordant energies bewteen all family members, it will tell who is getting along with whom (or not) who is ruling the house and what health problems each family mamber may be facing. It will outline, the best type of business and endeavours for those within different sectors or the home & provide many clues and answers to all who live and work there.

We operate "Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences" in Warrandyte, Victoria and teach students how to accurately read these instruments.

For the lay person, you may purchase this lopan if you wish to create harmonious energies within your house.

By placing one - correctly aligned in the centre of the home (usually embedded under the house in the concrete slab) but can be added later, it aligns the energies of the cosmos and brings harmony, success, prosperity and happiness to all in the environment.

After the concreters watched us placing this in the centre of our freshly poured slab (with gumboots & lopan in hand wading through wet concrete) they all wanted one for their houses as they said "worst case..... can't do any harm, best case....... may solve some problems".