Leaf Soft Mould
Leaf Soft Mould
Leaf Soft Mould

Leaf Soft Mould

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Get back to nature with this lovely food grade leaf mould. So cute - great for soaps with FLORAL SCENTS or colour the leaf a different colour to the background - beautiful!


  • Approximate SIZE (of finished soap): 80mm x 60mm (18mm deep)
  • Approximate WEIGHT: 95gms
  • Flexible Single (1) cavity soap mould

**SOFT STYLE** - these soap moulds are fantastic, they are like a cross between silicone and PVC, the softness and ease of unmolding of silicone, with the lightness/easy to store, simplicity of PVC

They are flexible, long lasting and easy to unmould, you are sure to love them - have a look at the images above to see the flexibility!