Jade Feng Shui Moon Frog
Jade Feng Shui Moon Frog
Jade Feng Shui Moon Frog
Jade Feng Shui Moon Frog

Jade Feng Shui Moon Frog

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A gorgeous piece, this beautiful carving is made of pieces of solid genuine jade, HAND CARVED INTO THE SHAPE OF A MOON FROG!

To delight anyone - beautiful qualityThis frog is approx' 40mm each and made of solid genuine Jade.


A gorgeous piece, this beautiful FROG is made of solid genuine jade!

Whether used by collectors, crystal healers or just to look lovely, metaphysicians and gem collectors alike will love this piece.

Used in Feng Shui to bring abundance and prosperity. Can be worn carried, placed in a cash register or on top of the counter.

Some businesses place the moon frog facing outwards from their business to bring the fortunes in & to bring great success.

Place in pocket, cash til or on a photo of that which you wish to bring financial abundance to. For best results offer a prayer & dedicate it with intent.
Representative of Ch'an Chu, the "Moon / Money Frog / Toad" to encourage the flow of Chi (energy). The frog's believed to posess the ability to cross barriers, thus it is used to entice wealth into the space it occupies. Use for protection & bringing "money luck".

JADE The stone of peace and tranquillity, lifting consciousness and dispelling negativity. Beneficial for female problems and for children. Promotes clarity, modesty, courage and wisdom. Soothes and calms the unborn child, assisting in pregnancy and lactation. (Does not need cleaning from others vibrations).

(Copyright © Lesley Mitchell)

*Please note - as each piece is hand carved, the colours and the actual piece may vary slightly from the ones shown above.

Each of the Renascent pieces has been individually blessed by a Qi Gong & Feng Shui master to bring wealth & success.