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Qi Gong Instructional DVD's - Gift Boxed set of 6 DVD's

For PAL systems (most zones, except USA)
Prerequisites: None - for DVD-R compatible players (DVD's & Computers)

Have you wanted to learn and practice Qi Gong, but been unable to get to classes due to distance or time constraints ? Now you can learn in your own home and practice in your own time frame under the guidance of a Qi Gong Master.
For beginners - be guided by a Qi Gong Master to understand the basic theory of Qi Gong energies, how they can be utilised and the exercises & movements involved with each system. For those already in classes / under instruction, these DVD’s will assist in practice and deepening your knowledge & skills.

These series of DVD titles will greatly assist the improvement of the Qi ( vital energy) of the students by immersing in the study of this ancient healing and cultivation system from China. Students will be able to understand how to perform the techniques correctly as well as the receiving of Qi from the instructor while performing the routines. Should you wish to apply for a grading at the culmination of each level, this can be done in Melbourne at various times throughout the year (generally gradings take place every 8 weeks - there are14 grading levels in total) Great gifts to enhance your own wellbeing & ch’i cultivation or for friends or relatives to begin or develop their personal journey: These DVD’s are beautifully packaged in durable hard plastic cases with full color sleeves and full color DVD’s.

TAUGHT BY: Qi Gong Master & instructor at Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences Mr Daryll Mitchell. He has studied many styles of Qi Gong including Martial, Medical & Meditation forms & concentrates on teaching the correct building of Qi for health and spiritual development. His various tutors include Professor Du Luo Yi (President of the World Association of Medical Qi Gong), Master Luo (Former head Qi Gong Master at White Pagoda Temple in Beijing), Professor Wang Yong-Qiang (24th Grandmaster of Ermei Qi Gong). Daryll has trained diligently & extensively to attain the high level and proficiency in Qi Gong which includes the ability to 'see inside' or tell the condition of various organs, glands, bones etc. at a glance. His Mastership includes the ability to influence Feng Shui at the fundamental level with Qi. Something that is not accomplished by moving objects or placing a few remedies around.


Dragon Gate Qi Gong DVD (Chuan Zhen Pai) was founded by Wan Chong Yang (960-1127 AD) and passed to Yi Chieu Liang from the Wan So Temple (10,000 Longevity Temple) in China. The Current Grandmaster is Xu Guo Rong, the 22nd generation successor. This Taoist style of Qi Gong has three levels and is liked because of its simplicity. In this series the first level is taught which needs to be done continuously for some time before moving to the next level. The Qi will become stronger and healthier and this Qi Gong has very strong lineage energy which is felt almost immediately by many practitioners.


Seven Star Standing Pole Qi Gong DVD (Zhuan Zhuang) was developed by Wang Xiangzhai who was influenced by past Buddhist (Mt Ermei) and Taoist (Mt Wudang) Masters. In the 1920's he taught in Shanghai 'Yi Quan' (Will Boxing). Later he moved to Beijing to further develop his styles and changed the name of his martial art to 'Da Chang Quan' (Great Complete Boxing).He died in the 1960's and today Seven Star Standing Pole is taught by Master Wang Xuanjie.

This set of seven standing postures are used to enhance the health and physical strength of the practitioners and is used for martial arts and healing purposes.

Wuji Qi Gong - This set of Wuji Qi Gong Wuji Qigong was originally from the legendary founder of Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan), Zhang San Feng ( Chan San Feng) as a form of enlightenment exercise. It has an unbroken lineage for over 800 years handed down and kept at Wudang Mountainby the Masters. It has made its way into our lives thanks to Master Zhu Hui who received it from Taoist Master Li Tong (106 years old). At first it may be mistaken for another form of Taiji although upon practising this form those who are able to sense energy, Qi, will notice something very special about Wuji Qigong. It brings with it the great Masters of the past including Zhang San Feng.

Zhineng Qi Gong

Zhineng Qigong was founded by Pang He ming (Pang Laoshi) as an ''open'' style of qigong for modern times. His aim was to develop a qigong to improve intelligence, create greater health and unlock human potential. At the Huaxia Qigong Centre (now closed), all manner of disease was treated with a 95 % success rate for serious illness. 1000 - 2000 people a month would pass through the centre to receive healing and to learn qigong for greater health and happiness. Covered in this DVD are some of the basic yet fundemental forms of Zhineng Qigong to harness Hunyuan Qi (primordial) and to develop the human qi to the highest levell. This DVD is Brand New (June 2006) - it has been put together for Mr Mitchell's private Qi Gong students and is filmed in an actual classroom. It is not a professionally finished DVD - however it offers an interesting insight into a working class and practice of this lovely form of 'healing' Qi Gong.

Guigen Qi Gong Guigen Qigong Guigen means returning to the root or source and was founded by Doctor Xu Hongtao. Dr. Xu is the Doctor in charge at the Qigong and Tuina department in Beijing's Xi Yuan Hospital. Guigen Qigong consists of six exercises and a sitting meditation. These include an introductory exercise called Global Harmony for regulating Yin and Yang throughout the body and five exercise to harmony the five elements in Chinese Medical theory. One exercise for each of the major organ systems (spleen/stomach, lungs/lge intestine, kidneys/bladder, liver/gall bladder and heart, sml intestine). This is then followed by a sitting meditation for up to 2 hrs. These exercises are used in the Xiyuan hospital as part of the treatment for any illness. This DVD is filmed in a live class and Daryll Mitchell leads the group through the six exercises and meditation. In China the qigong practise may be for .5 hr and the meditation for up to 2 hrs. This DVD is produced in December 2006 - it has been put together for Mr Mitchell's private Qi Gong students and is filmed in an actual classroom. It is not a professionally finished DVD - however it offers an interesting insight into a working class and practice of this lovely form of 'healing' Qi Gong.

Fragrant Gong Qi Gong


A fully accredited course with Renascent, The International College of Gem Essences and The International College of Intuitive Sciences. Accredited as part of the Diploma of Natural Health Sciences & the Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Consultant.

Fragrant Gong Qigong is a Buddhist Qi Gong style for improving health and bringing blessings into ones life. This style of Qi Gong is over 2000 years old and was handed down to Master Tian Rui Sheng by Buddhist monk Shi Wu Kong. Master Tian was ill as a child and was approached by Master Shi who helped him to get well and then taught him this form of Buddhist Qi Gong. He practised in private for 50 years and then brought this form of Xiang Gong (fragrant Gong) to the wider Chinese public. At one time there were more than 100 million Xiang Gong practitioners throughout China.

Filmed in Warrandyte in the garden, this simple and beautiful qigong has the basic movements repeated 36 times with an audio instruction. Easy to learn and fun to do, this qigong can be done by all age groups as it does not require great flexibility or strength, Please enjoy!!

All courses can be undertaken at any time, there is no time limit. 

DIPLOMA CERTIFICATION – Many of these courses are professionally accredited & recognised – for further information – please refer to the Diploma application forms on our website or with the Renascent prospectus.


All courses are beautifully packaged in durable, long lasting boxes and cases with full information.

Accredited courses contain manuals, products relevant to the material (if necessary) and test papers to be completed at the end of the course.