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Begin or add to your collection today!

We are having a big "clear out" of some of our most special pieces. Fabulous offers, take a look at them all to save on postage. All listing are 'one off's" & truly special pieces.

beautiful pieces, Great colors, Perfect quality, lovely pieces. YOU ARE GETTING some of the above pictured PIECES! Selct how many you would like & we will choose a lovely selection for you!

From my own personal collection, which has sadly grown too big & it is now time to share some of these lovely pieces with someone new!

I discovered an enormous jar of these cabachons - cut & polished ready for making in to jewellery (or healing / holding / looking at). I will never use them all, so it is time to let them go to a new home.

From our showroom - NEW!!. Whether you use as jewellery, healing, gem trees, tip into a bowl, crystal healing or collections - a terrific item!

I have seen cabachons retailing at over$14 each - ours are 90c - $2 each! That's terrific value.

*Please note, I have a huge jar of cabs & will be pulling out a handfull for this auction. Actual colors, sizes & styles may vary slightly. If you have any particular preferences, just let me know before I ship & I'll take a look afor you. You are sure to be delighted with these pieces.

How gorgeous are these - truly special colors - don't miss out!

Excellent quality for cutting or terrific for crystal healers!

Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on the mantlepiece. A lovely gift for all.

Weight: Approx 50gm
SIZE: Approx 8-20mm each