Amazonite Tumbled polished x 6
Amazonite Tumbled polished x 6

Amazonite Tumbled polished x 6

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Beautiful Blue Amazonite - 6 stones with this purchase

6 X AMAZONITE Tumbled gem stones, rare, beautiful Blue

Beautiful little gems, smoothly tumbled and polished

Natural Blue Colours

Hold in your hand and roll around to release their soothing healing properties

Great for any budding gemmologist, to build a collection or just to look pretty.

Most children love pretty coloured stones (caution, not for young children as small stones may present a choking hazard)

RRP $3.95-7.95 per stone - you will receive 6

A ruler is in the image to enable you to determine the exact size of the stones.
Copy the image to your computer and then enlarge it to get a better picture of these items!

  • New
  • 6 Stones
  • Natural Colours
  • Approximate size 10mm each
  • Please note, we will be making a selection from a bundle for you and the actual shapes, colours and stones may vary slightly

The following healing properties is an extract taken (with permission) from the book - Crystal & Gem Healing by Lesley Mitchell (also available for purchase - a perfect compliment if giving your gemstones as a gift)


In its soft, pastel blue coloring, Amazonite is a wonderful benefit to soothe the entire meridian and nervous system, making it especially useful for those with a nervous disposition. Amazonite brings delight and enchantment whilst stimulating a childlike innocence and creativity. Beneficial also to enhance any other gems or essences the user may be working with.

CHAKRA: Throat