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Personal Ch'i Energy Disc For Adults, assistance for your subtle energy systems from the debilitating effects of electromagnetic stress. Upliftment of thoughts, alignment and harmonisation of energy fields, protection from negative emotional energies and thoughts, and the refinement of psychic & spiritual energies.

For today’s ‘energy’ demands.

Personal Ch’i Energy Disc

A unique energy product. Also available is personal Ch’i Energy Discs for wearing / carrying on the body. These discs are the result of many years of testing. They produce the integrity of energy many have searched for but were unable to find. The Ch’i Energy Disc harmonises on an energy level of the body; the stressful effects of electromagnetic fields. This means that whilst these fields may well still be present if tested scientifically, energetically the body no longer shows a stressful response to them. This has been verified through independent Kinesiology (muscle testing) tests, pendulum and dowsing work and on a slightly different tangent through Kirlian photography (the photography of the body’s subtle energetic fields). Modern medicine is now well aware of stress related illnesses, diseases, premature aging, lethargy and lack of motivation, which may result due to such stresses.

The Ch’i energy disc combines a simple mandalic design received through meditation to harmonise and contain Chi (energy), the Chinese character also represents Chi. Together they are imprinted on a copper disc individually tuned according to esoteric practices and ancient alchemical sciences. Copper is well known for its natural healing affinity with the human body and has long been used alone as relief for arthritis and rheumatic joint pains. It is one of the few substances that the body will tolerate being in the energy field for long periods of time.
The discs produce a gentle energy harmonised for the human energy field and their vibration is such that they begin to harmonise anything they are in contact with.

The Ch’i Energy Disc may be used in the following manner:

  1. Tests have shown that while wearing a Ch’i energy disc and exposed to manmade electromagnetic fields. Muscles locked in Kinesiology tests, indicating that the body and its energy systems are no longer showing a stress or unlock response, as has occurred in prior testing whilst not wearing the disc. This has been verified many times and excitingly opens new avenues of investigation regarding the long-term exposure to these manmade fields.
  2. The Ch’i energy disc will harmonise on an energy level: food, water, battery operated watches or any other device that utilises a battery, eg: torches and calculators. Simply pass the disc slowly over the object a few times.Again muscle testing can be used to verify the changes from stress to no stress. 3. Tests have shown the discs to assist people in maintaining their own energies and not taking on those of others, “emotional pick up”. Reports have indicated more balanced emotions and greater peace of mind.

The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Tibetans knew of this energy and accepted it as part of their everyday life. They also realised that without it in harmony, illness would ensue and the quality of life would be lessened. So modern times demand modern measures.

The Ch’i Energy Disc is for today.