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Chi Products & Electromagnetic fields (EMF) instructional DVD
(DVD - R compatible)
(NTSC Format - USA)

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Enhance your energies, protect from other peoples energies, exciting demonstrations in the comfort of your own homeHarmonisation of EMF’s, protection from other’s energies, strengthen the aura. Increase health, vitality & Ch’i (energy). Create a harmonious home atmosphere. Energise your home or clinic!

Demonstrations - Dowsing - Kinesiology - Practical & relevant to all

A terrific practical DVD showing demonstrations of the Chi energy products.
Whether you already have Chi energy products & wish to obtain more benefit from them or have yet to embark on this journey of understanding. This DVD is eye opening, fun and will share practical tips on how your energies, health & vitality may be being undermined by others & what to do about it.

Witness: dowsing of an aura - it's changes from mobile phones, other peoples thoughts, Kinesiology
Learn: Cleansing of EMF's from crystals & gems, practical ways to enhance you life with little or no cost
View: Images of kirlian photography, healing energies, Chi products range
Be fascinated by: The intelligence of water
Practical Science: EMF's detection pens, practical solutions

Share: People's personal experiences in feeling energies

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Reclaim your personal power - Discover an easy means of Spiritual Unfoldment, healing, health & personal empowerment.Aura is epanded & brightened with the wearing of a chi energy disc

or SPECIAL OFFER through Renascent Directly ** FREE ** if you purchase over $120 worth of Chi energy products (this DVD study is accredited towards the diploma of Natural Health Sciences when combined with the EMF class)

Energy photo of protection wearing a Ch’i Energy Disc
(Colors are expanded & light shows above head & shoulders)